2018 mandatory immunization plan released

On January 16, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the 2018 mandatory immunization program for animal diseases.
  Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture on Printing and Distributing the 2018 National Animal Disease Compulsory Immunization Plan
  All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities with separate veterinary veterinary (agriculture, animal husbandry, agriculture) (bureau, committee, office), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, and related institutions:
  Not certified to implement the National Medium and Long-term Animal Disease Prevention and Control Plan (2012-2020), and do a good job in the mandatory immunization of animal diseases in 2018. According to the Laws and Regulations of the Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People's Republic of China, I have not organized and formulated The National Animal Diseases Compulsory Immunization Plan of 2018 is now issued to you, please follow the instructions.
Ministry of Agriculture
January 16, 2018