Over 7400 Bulgarian producers apply for swine fever compensation

According to the latest report from The Sofia Globe, more than 2.2 million leva has been paid out in compensation to producers impacted by African swine fever (ASF).


Speaking at Question Time in Parliament yesterday, Taneva explained: "As far as the current situation is concerned, 35 are the total registered outbreaks, with 33 in domestic pigs, two in Eastern Balkan pigs, in the Shumen region.

"Of these, seven are in industrial farms, three in family farms, and 23 in “backyard” farms.

"The total number of animals affected is 131,961, of which 161 are of the Eastern Balkan breed. At present the only farm where not all pigs have been culled yet is Golyamo Vranovo, with 1,000 sows and 3,600 piglets remaining."

“For 22 days we have no registered outbreak in domestic swine. For the last 40 days, of all these 33 outbreaks, or as of August 1, we have registered only one outbreak in domestic swine and two in the Eastern Balkan breed. The measures we have taken, although extremely severe and unpopular, have undoubtedly been a factor in this reduction,” Taneva said.

Thousands of pigs have been culled at industrial farms and small-scale producers have been ordered to cull all of their pigs or else face strict penalties. Amendments to the Hunting and Game Conservation Act have also been adopted by Parliament to ensure wild boar stocks are kept at manageable levels.