Defra updates its disease outbreak assessment regarding ASF

Defra and APHA’s assessment of the risks ASF poses to the UK remains at “medium”, despite the rapid spread of ASF to China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. However, the assessment emphasises that the situation is being monitored closely; threat statuses will be updated depending on how the disease progresses in South East Asia and mainland China.

The conclusions of the report recommend that pork producers avoid feeding pigs catering waste and kitchen scraps. Defra requests that pig keepers observe the swill feeding ban. The report also recommends that individuals who have had contact with domestic pigs or wild boars in ASF-affected areas avoid contact with the UK swine herd. Contact should be avoided until they are confident that they no longer have contaminated clothing, footwear or equipment. Producers are encouraged to adhere to strict biosecurity measures on their premises. They also recommend that veterinarians and pig keepers should become familiar with the clinical signs of ASF. Any suspected cases of ASF should be reported to the government.

You can read the report in full here.