Dominican Republic reports 20 new ASF cases in August

In August, authorities confirmed by molecular diagnosis 20 new outbreaks, bringing the total of accumulated confirmed cases to 1,615 distributed in 31 provinces, according to a report from the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC). Of those, 980 outbreaks have been resolved.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, samples from over 4,899 production sites have been taken and processed by Dominican veterinary services; 417 of them during the last month (the period between 7/24 and 8/21), from which 20 tested positive for ASF.

SHIC said it is important to note that the positive rate has changed since November 2021 (from over 40% to 17%), denoting the progressive efficacy of control efforts across the country. Still, they said, the active spread of the virus throughout the population is of great concern.