FAO working with Dominican Republic and Haiti to control spread of African swine fever

According to an article by Dominican Today, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture in the Dominican Republic signed a technical assistance agreement to strengthen national veterinary services and animal health and epidemiological surveillance programs in the Dominican Republic and Haiti for the control of African swine fever (ASF) .

The aim of the agreement is to facilitate dialogue and border collaboration in order to prevent the spread of ASF to other regions.

“We have received from the FAO an important and timely contribution to continue working in the search for the eradication of African swine fever because, although it is controlled, we must continue to reinforce the issue of biosafety and this agreement emphasises island security, since we share a 300-kilometer border with Haiti," Minister Limber Cruz was reported to have said. "And what happens in the neighbouring country can affect us."