New suspected cases of ASF detected in Domincan Republic - Monte Plata, San Pedro de Macorís and Espaillat

The Official Commission for the Control and Eradication of Outbreaks of African Swine Fever started the contingency plan in Dajabon for the control of ASF virus as sources in farms and backyard hatcheries. They announced that in the next days the measure will be extended to other provinces of the country.

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, who heads the commission, reported that other suspected cases were detected in three other provinces, which are Monte Plata, Espaillat and San Pedro de Macoris.

He said that next Tuesday the delivery of economic compensation will begin in Sanchez Ramirez based on the current market price to producers whose pigs were slaughtered, so that they are not economically affected.

"It has been spreading throughout the country, but at the same speed, the commission that we have organized is moving to those points carrying the international and national protocol to eradicate this swine fever wherever it has been detected," said the minister.

The authorities deployed the work brigades to identify, control and eradicate the virus, as well as deploying heavy machines, motor pumps, biosafety equipment and substances for the disinfection of vehicles into the area to be intervened.

"We will be moving every day to a province to cover everything that is necessary in terms of the economic loss of this difficult situation that the pig industry in the Dominican Republic is going through," said the minister.

ASF has no cure, nor are there vaccines to prevent it, and it is highly contagious for pigs, which is why the slaughter of animals is established in the detected foci to prevent its spread.

Contingency work and vehicle disinfection continue to be carried out throughout the province and in a preventive manner in nearby towns, and are carried out in conjunction with the Emergency Operations Center (COE), the Fire Department, National Police, Armed Forces, among other organisms .

The Dominican Government is applying the norms of international organizations to contain the advance of the ASF by implementing the regulations that the existing sanitary situation sends.