Dominican Republic's contingency plan to eradicate ASF

The Dominican Republic's Official Commission for the Control and Eradication of Outbreaks of African Swine Fever declares they are in permanent session to strengthen the measures implemented in the country and optimize inter-institutional coordination with the field teams who have the tasks of identifying, controlling and eradicating ASF.

The teams under the command of the regional directors of the Ministry of Agriculture and the General Directorate of Livestock continue with the plan protocol for the elimination of the outbreaks, according to a recent release from the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Agriculture.

On Sunday, backyard pig farms located in Cevicos, Fantino, Villa la Mata, Quita Sueño and the main municipality of Sánchez Ramírez were intervened to eradicate the disease that affects the pig population. Until the early hours of Sunday morning, some 14,135 pigs raised in the backyard were identified in these locations.

Five work teams made up of a veterinarian from the Directorate of Animal Health of the DIGEGA of the Ministry of Agriculture, an expert from the Agricultural Bank, assistants, workers and members of the national security went to the different farms to proceed with the slaughter of the pigs, which is the only sanitary measure to eradicate the disease according to the protocol established for the control and eradication of African Swine Fever.

The Dominican Government is applying all the recommendations that international organizations regulate to contain the advance of the ASF by implementing the regulations that the existing sanitary situation sends.

On-going diagnostics

High-tech equipment donated by the United States government is now in the country and has been installed in the molecular biology unit of the Central Veterinary Laboratory (LAVECEN) to increase the diagnostic response and obtain timely results in support of the epidemiological surveillance of the ASF control and eradication plan. LAVECEN has all the necessary logistics installed to respond to this health emergency, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The provinces with positivity for pig disease are:

  1. Sánchez Ramírez
  2. Santiago
  3. Hermanas Mirabal
  4. La Vega
  5. Montecristi
  6. Elías Piña
  7. San Juan
  8. the National District
  9. Dajabón
  10. Duarte
  11. Santiago Rodríguez

Farmer payments

Through Banco Agrícola we guarantee payment according to the current market price for the pigs that are slaughtered in the demarcations so that the producers are not economically affected. The experts of the Agricultural Bank are carrying out the process of appraising the specimens and filling out forms, so pig farmers can withdraw the funds for compensation within 12 to 15 days.


Contingency work and vehicle disinfection continue to be carried out throughout the province and in a preventive manner in nearby towns, and are carried out in conjunction with the Emergency Operations Center (COE), the Fire Department, National Police, Armed Forces, among other organization.