FAO warns that spread of ASF in Nigeria could threaten food security

According to reporting in This Day, Nigeria’s country representative for the FAO, Fred Kareero, made the assessment during a biosecurity training workshop for members of the pork value chain.

“Unlike other trans-boundary animal diseases (TADs), ASF has no known cure or vaccine; the only remedy for its prevention remains strict adherence to basic hygienic practices commonly known as biosecurity measures. Operators therefore need to embrace biosecurity measures as an option.

“We are training operators in value chain in 20 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The operators in the value chain are very strategic in the effort to control and spread of the disease. They are the marketers, distributors, producers and farmers that must be properly capacitated to save livelihoods and mitigate food insecurity.”

Outbreaks of ASF can cause huge disruptions to the pig industry and have second-order effects in other segments of the value chain.