African swine fever hits domestic pigs in Western Poland for the first time

This new outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) was confirmed in a commercial pig herd in Novosolski - about 65km from the German border - on 20 March.

This outbreak in a domestic pig population is once again a necessary reminder that the pig industry globally must be extremely cautious when it comes to biosecurity. The ISN implores all farm staff and visitors to be vigilant: "We appeal to the pig farmers to continue to adhere to the biosecurity measures with the utmost consistency in order to keep ASF away from pig farms in addition to the novel coronavirus."

The breeding farm, which houses over 23,700 animals is now under lockdown. Restriction zones have already been set up around the affected company and the appropriate measures to combat epidemics have been established.

The ISN adds, "It is also important in this context that the hunters can remain active despite the coronavirus because the wild boar hunting in Germany and neighbouring areas is imperative in the fight against ASF."