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Avian Pox Vaccine, Live(Quail-Adapted Strain)

Avian Pox Vaccine, Live(Quail-Adapted Strain)

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Avian Pox Vaccine, Live(Quail-Adapted Strain)

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Attenuated Fowl pox virus is not less than 103.0EID50 per chicken.


The vaccine is a spongy and loosen straw yellow gobbet. Easily disengaged from the bottle and rapidly dissolved in dilute solution.


The vaccine is used in the prevention of Avian Pox. The immune protective period for adult chicken could maintained for 5 months and 2 months for chickling separately.

[Dosage and Administration]

The vaccine should be dissolve with physiological saline according to the illustration. Inoculated via wing-web puncture. One prick for chicken 20-30 days old, two prick for chicken 30 days old and the elder. Chicken 6-20 days old be inoculated with double diluted vaccine for one prick. There is slight lump and scab in the region of puncture after inoculation and lost 2-3 weeks later. The chicken in support which had been inoculated after hatched should be pricked secondly in 60 days old.


1. The reconstitution should be stored in cool place and be used up in 4 hours.

2. Examined one by one 1 week later, if there is not reaction in the region of puncture, inoculated again.


It is not provided in the criterion temporarily.

[Treatment of the package]

All the things including the used bottle, the container and others fore vaccination should be sterilized. Be sure not to pollute the environment and human beings.

[Storage] Keep at -15.

[Validity] 18 months.

[Specification] 1000 dose/bottle.

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