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Altrenogest Oral Solution

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Altrenogest Oral Solution

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Active Ingredients

Each mL contains altrenogest 4 mg.


For the synchronization of oestrus in nulliparous mature sows.

Dosage & Administration

One dose of 5 mL per gilt per day for 18 consecutive days given orally with feed for immediate consumption.

Withdrawal Periods


Storage Conditions

Store in an airtight container, protected from light, do not store above 25 ºC.


Do not administer to male animals.

Do not administer to pregnant sows or those suffering from uterine infection.

Part-consumed feed must be disposed of with other waste feed and not given to other animals.


Women who are pregnant, or suspected to be pregnant, should not use the product. Women of childbearing age should handle the product with extreme care.  The product should not be handled by persons with known or suspected progesterone-dependent tumours or thrombo-embolic disorders.

Direct contact with the skin should be avoided. Personal protective clothing (gloves and overalls) must be worn when handling the product. Porous gloves may let this product pass through. Transcutaneous absorption may be even higher when the area is covered by an occlusive material, such as latex or rubber gloves. Accidental spillage on the skin should be washed off immediately with soap and water. Wash hands after treatment and before meals.

In case of accidental contact with eye, rinse abundantly with water. Get medical attention.

Effects of overexposure: Repeated accidental absorption could lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle, uterine or abdominal cramping, increased or decreased uterine bleeding, prolongation of pregnancy or headache.

Adverse reactions

Ensure the correct dose is administered daily as under-dosing can lead to the formation of cystic follicles.

Presentation: 1000 mL/bottle, 360 mL/bottle


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