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  A Natural Feed Supplement, bring more profit!
  Active Ingredients:
  Cinnamaldehyde, Oregano Oil, MCT
  Cinnamaldehyde- the major component of cinnamon essential oil (EO) is an aliphatic alde­hyde. Has many verified functions:
  coli O157:H7 and S. typhimurium DT104: ≥80% inhibition,
  MBC for coli K88 and E.coli O157:H7- 133 µg/ml, for S.typhimurium DT104:100 µg/ml
  MBC is much lesser compare to other essential oils/compounds( ex. Clove oil>233 µg/ml, Eugenol>300 µg/ml, m-Anisaldehyde >700 µg/ml for all the three bacteria.)
  pH range
  Effective inhibition of pathogenic bacteria between pH range 2-7. (CinnaBoost pH=5.0)
  Cinnamaldehyde 100% inhibition of A. flavus and 91% inhibition of C. albicans.
  Mechanism of antibacterial action    
  Depletion of intracellular ATP concentration- E.coli, L.monocytogenes
  Synergistic Activity for mortality reduction    
  Histomoniasis (infectious enterohepatitis, blackhead) is caused by the protozoan parasite Histomonas meleagridis: herbal product with extracts from cinnamon, garlic, lemon, and rosemary- an effective alternative for the reduction of mortality in turkeys caused by histomoniasis.
  Producing poultry meat with more desirable PUFA      
  Poly unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid levels of liver lipids were found higher but saturated fatty acid (SFA) levels were found lower in cinnamon oil added groups.
  Chicken meat quality and growth performance in broiler chicken     
  Cinnamon powder can improve the shelf life and quality of chicken meat with maximize the productivity of broiler chickens
  Carvacrol & Thymol- the main active ingredient of Oregano Oil, has the function to Necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens infection. 
  Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are partially man-made fats.
  MCTs are used along with usual medications for treating food absorption disorders including diarrhea, steatorrhea (fat indigestion), celiac disease, liver disease, and digestion problems.  
  Dosage and Administration:
  100ml to 1000L of drinking water or 500kg of complete feed , for 5~7days of continuous use. 
  Shelf Life: 2 years
  Presentation: 200ml, 500ml, 1L
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